About our centre

The Francisco Alcántara School Of Ceramic Art (EAFAC), a public institute in the Community of Madrid, has been specialising in the teaching of ceramic art for more than a century.

Our centre employs many professional ceramicists, and its large workshops are equipped with all the resources needed for learning to design and create ceramic objects. 

Study courses are organised in two-year cycles. At the end of the cycle, the students undertake projects through which they are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired. Work experience at companies in the ceramic art sector is the final part of the course.

Currently the institute offers two Intermediate Level study cycles: Pottery; and Ceramic Decoration, and three Advanced Level cycles: Ceramic Art; Modelling and Ceramic Tool and Die Making; and Ceramic Coatings.

The centre is housed in an historic building designed by the architect Luis Bellido, and has a garden created by the painter and landscape designer Javier de Winthuysen.